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Achievement by Merit

This section describes Instituto C&A’s investment in actions not associated to any of its programs in particular, but that deserve its support since they relate to promoting the education of children and adolescents, institutional and community development and social participation.

Institutions Supported

Associação das Mulheres pela Educação (AME)
Osasco (SP) – Tel.: (11) 3687-8599
E-mail: entidadeame@terra.com.br
Develop good quality educational activities for children from the local community.
Investment: R$ 9,300.00
Participant: 1 institution

Associação Viva e Deixe Viver
São Paulo (SP) – Tel.: (11) 3086-2938
Site: www.vivaedeixeviver.org.br
Support the III Workshop “The discovery of playing and telling stories for mental well-being", in São Paulo (SP).
Investment: R$ 9,500.00

Cooperapic – Cooperativa da Associação de Promoção e Incentivo à Criança
São Paulo (SP) – Tel.: (11) 5523-6862
Site: cooperapic@terra.com.br
Support the refurbishment of the institution’s physical installations so that it can function properly.
Investment: R$ 78,000.00
Participant: 1 institution

Instituto Rodrigo Mendes
São Paulo (SP) – Tel.: (11) 3726-8418
Site: www.rodrigomendes.org.br
Support the printing of 1,000 copies of the book “Visual arts in inclusive education”,
Investment: R$ 27,000.00

Instituto WCF – Brasil
São Paulo (SP) – Tel.: (11) 3841-4826
Site: www.wcf.org.br
Produce print material – booklets, flyers and stickers – to support the continued education work of truck drivers to combat the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.
Investment: R$ 20,000.00

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